Our mission is to encourage and enhance the participation for wrestling Toronto in a positive, structured and social environment. 


We will work towards the highest quality program that includes:

  • world class wrestling instructors

  • personal mentoring and management

  • balanced life:training ratios

  • overall health/safety factors

  • top competitive opportunities


We strive to create a community where wrestling can be used as a pathway towards greater success, happiness and adventure.

Latest Wrestling and Combative News!

Based on recent information and advisories from federal, provincial and local governmental authorities regarding COVID-19, we will be closing Kapow tonight and until further notice. The length of this temporary closure is dependent upon governmental guidance. We will update you with a reopening date. We will honour existing membership in good standing upon reopening.

We are committed to your health and well-being. Importantly, stay tuned for our next communication."


Central Toronto Wrestling Club is partnered with Kapow Sports! Kapow Sports offers a number of programs including After School Programs, BJJ classes and more! For those looking for competition, we schedule 10 tournaments every year including events in the United States.  As well, we have an annual two-week wrestling camp in Cuba to help out wrestlers reach the highest level of wrestling achievement.This is a great time for new beginnings and taking steps to further your accomplishments. Try out our Adult Beginner Wrestling classes on Mondays, elite training classes and individual private classes. Sign up now to train with the "best wrestling club in Toronto!"

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