We have a number of payment packages available. Your first class is always free. Please take a look at the following list or contact us for more info. To join a class please go to http://www.kapowsports.ca/ and sign up.:


Canadian Tire works with sports service providers to help subsidize participation in athletic programs. For information about the Canadian Tire "Jumpstart" program, click on the Canadian Tire JumpStart button:

Daily Drop-In Prices


Kids' March Break- SINGLE DAY - MEMBER ($55.00)

1 class per week

Kids' P.A. Days Half Day ($50.00)

Unlimited classes

Kids' .A. Days Full Day ($75.00)

Unlimited classes

Drop In - Wrestling ($20.00)

Unlimited classes (29 spaces left)

Drop In - Onofre Lima BJJ ($20.00)

Unlimited classes

After School Program ($20.00)

Unlimited classes

After School Top Up Daily (Wrestling or BJJ) ($15.00)

Unlimited classes

Regular Memberships


After School 1 Year ($269.00)

Unlimited classes

After School Top-Up 1 Year ($160.00)

Unlimited classes


3-Month Wrestling Plan Basic

CTW Wrestling - one class per week ($125.00)

3-Month Wrestling Plan Unlimited

CTW Wrestling - 5 classes a week ($269.00)

3-Month BJJ Plan Basic

Onofre Lima BJJ - 1 class per week ($125.00)

3-Month BJJ Plan Unlimited

Onofre Lima BJJ - Unlimited classes ($269.00)

One-Week Memberships


After School Weekly ($99.00)

Unlimited classes

After School Top Up Weekly (Wrestling or BJJ) ($65.00)

Unlimited classes

Monthly Memberships


CTW Wrestling ($99.00) 5 days a week

(29 spaces left)

Onofre Lima BJJ ($99.00) 5 days a week

(29 spaces left)

After School ($335.00)

Unlimited classes

10-Class Pass


Unlimited classes



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